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COVID-19 Emergency


Upon the advice of the Kingston Township Emergency Management Director and Chief of Police, the Township has declared a State of Emergency to be able to handle the COVID19 (Coronavirus) situation immediately IF it becomes necessary. The Kingston Township State of Emergency is in effect until further notice. A State of Emergency on the local government level simply means that normal procedures such as the bidding process can be waived, EMA Directors can have quick and unencumbered access to resources as they’re needed….in other words, the Township will not encounter any red tape. It also means that the Township will be eligible to be reimbursed by either FEMA or PEMA should we incur extra ordinary expenses, such as police overtime.

The playground equipment is off limits, but the field, basketball courts and tennis court remains available.

We at Kingston Township are committed to keep you as informed and up to date as possible as the COVID19 (Coronavirus) situation unfolds. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call, we will do our best to help or direct you appropriately.


Kathleen J. Sebastian Township Manager