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Dear Kingston Township Residents:

The Kingston Township Board of Supervisors is pleased to welcome you to our community minded web-site. We invite you to browse our site which reflects all "that is" Kingston Township; from our friendly and dependable Administrative Staff, our Public Works Department and highly active Police Force, to the inter-workings of our Home Rule Charter form of government that has guided Kingston Township to becoming one of the best run Townships in Pennsylvania.

Kingston Township has not been satisfied with the "Status Quo", but rather has continued to evolve and change with the times; times that have brought population and capital improvement growth to Kingston Township. In this light, your Board of Supervisors have authorized not only the creation of this website, but also have provided the support necessary to keep our information current and open to the public.

Additionally, The Board of Supervisors of Kingston Township believes it is important to keep a fluid two-way information flow between the Township and the public. Within the body of this site, you will find information that will explain the Township operations, important dates for upcoming events and meetings, recent accomplishments and answers to frequently asked questions. The site also provides the means to register for our Kingston Township informational email newsletter, which provides our citizens with up to date information on daily and weekly events in the Township, as well as public safety information during critical emergency events.

The Board of Supervisors, Township Manager, Staff, Public Works Department and Police Force, are dedicated to insuring that our Township offers and maintains first quality services and public protection to our residents. If you have any questions or seek added information, you may e-mail us at info@kingstontownship.com or simply give us a call at 570-696-3809.


James Reino, Chairman, Kingston Township Board of Supervisors

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